JetSuiteX Semi-Private: BUR-SJC E135

JetSuiteX offers semi-private flights with flights within California and to Nevada. Flying private can be cheap and this was an option I had on my list to try. They offer flights starting at just $79 each way. I was booking 3 weeks prior to my flight and the other flights with commercial airlines from Burbank to the Bay Area were averaging $150 one-way. JetSuiteX had a fully refundable ticket available for $199 one-way. I figured the convenience and departure time was worth the extra $50 to give it a try. Booking the flight was very easy using their website.

I arrived to JetSuiteX’s Hanger 2 at Burbank airport which is located at 4561 W. Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91505. Upon entering the building, I proceeded to the check-in desk. I showed my ID and they checked my bag to San Jose. It was just 30 minutes prior to departure. They do swab your bags to test them just as TSA does during random tests. That is the extent of security prior to boarding the flight. They have corn hole and a foosball table setup to play prior to the flight. An air conditioned lounge is available with free drinks and snacks which was perfect on a hot 90 degree day. They announced boarding about 5 minutes prior to departure.

We boarded the 30 passenger Embraer 135 jet which is the only plane they use for their flights. The seating layout is 1-2 which is awesome for individuals and couples. There was plenty of legroom and it wasn’t a full flight to San Jose. I selected seat 3A at booking. It was a quick 50 minute flight from Burbank to San Jose. They serve free snack and drinks (including alcoholic drinks). I grabbed a Ballast Point Longfin Lager from their craft beer selection. The snacks were tasty too. I tried some toasted coconut chips which were amazing.

Inflight WiFi is available, but limited to just texting. It’s sufficient for a quick flight. I was able to get around the texting only limitation by using VPN, but it was extremely slow. Only expect to be able to send & receive texts.

We landed at San Jose on time and waited for my checked bag to be brought into the private terminal. It was just 3 minutes from deplaning to getting my bag and my Uber was there just a few minutes later. Amazing experience! No lines or hassles of a typical commercial airline, yet the pricing is very reasonable for JetSuiteX.

Conclusion: I highly recommend trying out JetSuiteX if they offer the route you need to fly. Their flawless execution of a semi-private experience and convenience is well worth up to 50% more than what you’d pay for an alternate commercial flight.

Route Map as of 6-5-18

Route Map as of 6-5-18

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  1. Jess says:

    This is awesome. I want to try a flight or two out of Burbank! Maybe to Mammoth or Vegas?? 🙂

  1. December 28, 2018

    […] It was showing it’s age at 18 years old as California Pacific didn’t refurbish it as JetSuiteX did with their jets. They still had a Delta labeled bin in the […]

  2. August 21, 2022

    […] was excited to try another route that JSX (JetSuiteX) offers as they grown significantly since I reviewed them back in 2018. They now serve 19 destinations domestically (route map below) compared to just 8 in 2018. Flying […]

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