Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt FRA

Yes, Lufthansa has a separate Terminal in Frankfurt for their First Class passengers. The only other commercial airline I’ve seen offer something similar is Emirates in Dubai where each level of the airport is based on the class of service you are flying.

After landing in Frankfurt from Chicago, I followed the directions found on Flyertalk to get to the First Class Terminal. You must clear customs and exit the main terminal. After taking the elevator up from the arrivals level to the lobby of the First Class Terminal, I was greeted by a wonderful Lufthansa agent. She asked where I was flying today and I mentioned Warsaw later in the afternoon. As I was arriving from Chicago in First Class and continuing my journey with Lufthansa I was granted access. She escorted me through the private security and helped with my carryon items. After clearing security, which had no line, I was given a tour of the facility as this was my first time. It wasn’t crowded and was asked what my plans were during my 9 hour layover. I mentioned I would like to take a bath, drive a Porsche, eat a meal and relax. There was no need to watch the time as an agent was responsible for me and I would driven to my flight when the crew was ready for me. Wow! It’s almost like having a St. Regis butler in the Terminal.

I decided to grab a bath after the long trip from California. The unique gift you can only get from the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is a Lufthansa duck. It’s included with your bath. The bath suite is massive which includes a bath, toilet, shower and large vanity area. There are 2 bath suites available. The bath amenities were provided by ETAO which is Italian. It was an excellent way to relax!

With so many options for seating, I decided to grab a seat near the window to catch up on some emails as I had about 1 hour until my Porsche Experience. I had to head back to the main terminal to grab the Porsche so I left my carryon bag with the front desk. More details on the Porsche Experience in a future post

Upon returning from driving around Frankfurt, I was ready for a meal. I sat down in the dining room and ordered a steak. The steak was cooked perfectly and hit the spot. I paired it with a nice glass of Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt whiskey on the rocks. They typically stock Hibiki, but were out. The bar selection was very impressive with over 300 bottles. It’s the best I’ve seen at an airport lounge.

I walked around the lounge a bit more after eating and explored the duty free shop. It’s your typical selection and just outside the store they have a glass case full of all the ducks they’ve offered over time. The ducks are custom based on the season or event currently happening. I was just a few days too early to get the World Cup soccer duck.

My flight was delayed due to a late arriving crew, but my “butler” informed me he would grab me when they were ready for me. He didn’t want me waiting on the plane too long and said to enjoy the lounge. About 10 minutes prior to departure, he grabbed me and escorted me downstairs to the cars which drive all First Class passengers to their plane. I requested a Porsche and my request was granted. I was driven to the plane in a blue Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. We arrived at the plane and there were still passengers on the stairs so the driver mentioned I should wait until it clears up. After all the passengers boarded, we hopped out. The driver carried my bags all the way to the overhead bin and asked if I needed anything else prior to takeoff. Wow, that is customer service!

Conclusion: I’m throughly impressed and blown away by the service Lufthansa offers their First Class guests! This is how to treat your top clientele. I can’t wait to fly through Frankfurt in Lufthansa First Class again! 🙂

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