JSX (JetSuiteX) Semi-Private: LAS-SAN E135

I was excited to try another route that JSX (JetSuiteX) offers as they grown significantly since I reviewed them back in 2018. They now serve 19 destinations domestically (route map below) compared to just 8 in 2018. Flying from Las Vegas to San Diego is a quick 45 minute flight, but only low cost carriers serve this route which enabled JSX to offer a premium service at a reasonable price. JSX offers a semi-private jet experience with just 30 seats onboard and flying to/from private terminals (FBO’s). JSX now has their own dedicated hangar at LAS just as they do at BUR. The entrance is near Mandalay Bay Hotel on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. I arrived a bit early for the flight as I had to checkout of my hotel at 4PM, but the lounge at the hangar was enjoyable. I booked the Exit Row for a $30 seat fee to try it out. You already get a ton of room in a standard seat so this was just icing on the cake.

We boarded N264JX bound for San Diego around 15 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time. It wasn’t a full flight with just 50% of the seats filled. Boarding was painless & seamless compared to a commercial jet cattle call. We taxied for a few minutes pass other private jets parked at LAS and were cleared for takeoff.

Just after takeoff we were served drinks and snacks. All were complementary including alcoholic beverages. We had views of the deserts of Southern Nevada and Eastern California during the flight. There wasn’t any WiFi, but JSX will be the first air carrier to offer Starlink service later this year. For such a short flight on the weekend, it was fine.

We landed in sunny San Diego on time and taxied to Hangar 4 of Signature Flight Support which is the FBO that JSX uses at SAN.

Conclusion: I’m happy to see JSX maintain their premium level of service even as they’ve scaled over the past 4 years as well as overcoming COVID-19 business impacts. If JSX offers service on a route you are flying, do yourself a favor and fly JSX! It will be well worth the extra money for the experience 🙂

JSX Route Map August 2022

JSX Route Map August 2022

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