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Anker 615 USB Power Strip (GaNPrime 65W) 0

Best Travel Power Strip: Anker 615 USB Power Strip

With the upcoming holiday travel season, I wanted to share with you the travel power strip I’ve been using this year while flying and staying in hotels globally. It fixes so many of the common issues… Adapter falling out of a worn out plug (common on inflight outlets) due to... 0

Pro Tool: for Airline Award Availability

As award availability has become harder and harder to find, there is an app to present the data you need without creating 100+ searches with each airline. A former Robinhood Security Engineer, started as a side project. I’ve been using it since March 2023 and have found value in...

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Alaska Airlines Electronic BagTag

Alaska Airlines is my primary airline and I hold MVP Gold 75K status with them. Late last year (November 2022), I was invited to beta test a new electronic baggage tag for checked luggage. For longer trips, I check a bag so this was a cool new technology to test...

HSBC Rain Vortex @ SIN 0

How to stay connected while traveling around the World (2023 Edition)

It’s been almost 9 years since my last post on this topic and how the landscape has changed… While traveling around the world we now have access to better coverage, faster data speeds and cheaper options than in 2014 🙂 Cellular-based Options Adding an International roaming option to your existing wireless...

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Using Apple AirTag for Luggage Tracking

Technology keeps evolving and tracking your luggage just got easier. I used LugLoc previously in 2017 and was disappointed with the accuracy of tracking as it relied on cellular towers for triangulation to provide the location. Apple released AirTags in April 2021 to track your items. “AirTag sends out a...


Inflight WiFi Comparison 2019

It’s now been 11 years since I first started using inflight WiFi. Streaming Netflix with no issues inflight wasn’t possible years ago, but some systems can now handle 50+ Mbps which is plenty of bandwidth to handle HD Video. It’s not always fast or economical so I’ll compare my WiFi...

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iWiFiTravel MiFi (Hotspot) Rental for International Trips

XCom Global closed their doors earlier this year unexpectedly, but we are now in luck. Some former employees decided to bring it back to life under a new company, iWiFiTravel. I’ve reviewed and used XCom Global on many trips which has proven to be very valuable. Still today, using a...

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XCom Global MiFi (Hotspot) Rental now offers LTE!

I’ve used XCom Global for over 5 years now for all my international MiFi (hotspot) rentals. They now offer LTE (High Speed Data) in over 40 countries which is a huge improvement over the previous 3G speeds. Their pricing has dropped from $14.95/day when I reviewed it in 2014 to...