About Palo

I decided to start a blog after spending much of 2013 traveling around the world. Being fortunate of working for a startup and utilizing my personal credit cards for business expenses I was able to attain 750,000+ points to be used for travel. By utilizing points, the cost of travel is dramatically reduced therefore allowing for more trips per year. Staying connected is essential for any individual in a startup here in Silicon Valley so that’s always a challenge to go fully “off the grid” while on vacation. I’ve always had a passion for technology so I put it to use during my travels as well. My goal of this blog is to help friends and family enjoy traveling by using my tech & travel tips!

Covering: Hotels (featuring Starwood), Cars (featuring Hertz & National), Airlines (featuring Virgin America), Airport Lounges, Mobile Apps, Mobile Communication/Connectivity Methods, Status Benefits, Credit Cards, Points & Miles, etc.

Contact: palo @ palowilltravel.com

-Palo (traveled to more Countries than States)

Brela Beach, Croatia

Brela Beach, Croatia