TripIt Pro Flight Refund Alerts

I’ve had a TripIt Pro subscription for the past 4 years and I finally received an email regarding a Flight Refund alert. Flight Refunds, a TripIt Pro feature, monitors the price of your flight and will alert you if there is a better fare available (less any change fees). Nobody has the time to keep track of price changes so leave it to TripIt 🙂

An upcoming flight dropped by $18 and Alaska Airlines doesn’t charge any change fees (until June 5th when they pull that benefit) so I was able to get a future travel credit to my Alaska Airlines account. It only took a 3 minute call to get the fare difference credited to my account.

Flight Refund Alert

Flight Refund Alert

Checkout these Business travel tips from TripIt: 8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business. Very similar to my 7 Business Travel Tips.

I’d consider a TripIt Pro subscription ($49/yr) if you are traveling more than 6 times per year (less than $10 per trip).

Have you received a refund for a fare change?

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