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Live Airport Security Wait Times

Long security lines can often cause a headache for travelers, but TripIt Pro has a solution. They introduced real-time wait times for select airports earlier this year. I was able to test it on a trip from Denver (DEN) and it was very accurate. I knew what to expect even...

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TripIt Pro Flight Refund Alerts

I’ve had a TripIt Pro subscription for the past 4 years and I finally received an email regarding a Flight Refund alert. Flight Refunds, a TripIt Pro feature, monitors the price of your flight and will alert you if there is a better fare available (less any change fees). Nobody...

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7 Business Travel Tips

Business travel isn’t quite the same as personal (holiday/vacation) travel since you only have your weekends free to explore as a tourist. The best way to keep healthy and fit is to maintain a similar schedule as you would if you were home. After traveling for ~40% of the time...