How to find Restaurants & Bars in a New City using Mobile Apps

When I travel I’m always challenged with finding an excellent place to eat or drink. Sometimes recommendations from friends are helpful but when you just want something nearby your hotel it can be helpful to use a mobile app. With over 125 nights on the road this year I really put these apps to use. The apps vary in popularity and accuracy depending on the country/city but I’ve broken it down to which app I’d recommend based on the countries I’ve used them in.

Yelp– Used for the United States, limited data for outside the US

Zomato (previously UrbanSpoon)- Used for Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Singapore

Foody– Used for Vietnam

TripAdvisor– Used Globally but can lead to touristy places

Google Maps– Used Globally view reviews but limited data and local language is used for most reviews

Download them today and try them out on your next trip!

Do you have any favorite mobile apps to find restaurants or bars? Comment below.


Excellent restaurants/bars from around the world…



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  1. Randizzle says:

    Try Tabelog for Japan and OpenRice for Hong Kong. These are local apps so some reviews are in the native language. You might not understand the words, but the star ratings and pictures will point you in the right direction to try local favorites.

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