Debit Card “Eaten” by ATM Machine

Wow! You definitely learn something new with every trip. On my recent trip to Chile, I was withdrawing cash from an ATM in Santiago and I forgot to grab my card after I grabbed the cash. We were waiting for an Uber and then it dawned on me that I forgot to grab my card. The ATM was making beeping noises so I ran to the ATM, but I was 2 seconds too late. The ATM ate my card and displayed a message to contact the bank to retrieve it. This was a first. For security reasons, they capture the card inside the machine so thieves can’t grab it. I went to the bank the following day, but they needed time to open the ATM and informed me to come back in the evening. I went back before my flight and they still didn’t have it. I told them to keep it and I’d request a new one from my bank, Charles Schwab. Luckily I was headed back to the US so I didn’t really need it. If this had happened at the beginning of the trip I would’ve had to use my 2nd ATM card, Bank of America, which has tons of fees. Always use the Charles Schwab ATM card to avoid fees.

Lesson Learned: Always carry a backup ATM card and use an ATM inside a bank branch for the best odds of retrieving it!

Has this ever happened to you?

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

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