June 2017 Updates

USPS Informed Delivery, started on April 14th nationwide

You can now receive an email each morning with scans of the envelopes that will be delivered to your address that day. It even works while your mail is on hold so you can check to see if that important piece of mail will be there upon your return. If you travel often this is a handy feature. Signup here: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action

USPS Informed Delivery Email

USPS Informed Delivery Email

Uber Ride Passes (Formerly Flat Rate)

I tried Uber’s new offering during a recent trip to New York. It was very handy to be able to Uber around rather than deal with taxi’s and public transportation especially as it was raining. You purchase a pack of passes for a flat fee then you have up to $30 per ride in credit. Pricing per ride varies by city but UberX was $5.99 in New York and UberPool was $2.99. It’s worth it if you will be traveling around 1 city within a 1 month period. Within the app, select Ride Pass to see if they are available in your city.

SPG Birthday Gift

My SPG Ambassador, Tiffiny, surprised me with a birthday gift via FedEx. It was a SPG branded Mophie portable battery charger which is super handy for any traveler. I love it! Super lightweight and thin.

USB powered Fan (Spotted on CX883)

I was flying on Cathay Pacific in Premium Economy and spotted a fellow passenger using the USB port near the monitor for a USB powered fan. Smart! I will have to bring one with me on my next JAL flight as they keep the cabin warm.

USB powered Fan

USB powered Fan

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