Farewell Virgin America

The merger between Virgin America and Alaska Airlines closed ~15 months ago and now the full takeover by Alaska Airlines will be completed on April 24th, 2018. All airport branding will change over to Alaska as all flight #’s will be Alaska flight #’s plus Virgin America’s website will shutdown. There is still a way to almost guarantee (equipment changes can occur) you will be flying on a Virgin America plane. Select an Alaska Airlines flight that is operated by an Airbus Series plane. Alaska Airlines only flies Boeing 737’s.

Airbus as Aircraft Type

Airbus as Aircraft Type

You won’t get the same experience on the Virgin planes though as they removed Live TV a few weeks ago to cut costs and the on-demand Food & Beverage ordering might be cut soon too. They will be replacing the 8 Virgin America First Class seats with 12 Alaska Airlines First Class seats, reducing the legroom and quality. The retrofitting will take until 2019 so you still have the chance of flying the Virgin America seats if you see just 2 rows in First Class on your seat map.

Memories from Virgin America Flights & Events:

Alaska Airlines did just announce they are upgrading the First Class meals and experience to include a West Coast twist (Virgin America inspired). Let’s see how things go!

I’ll miss the true Virgin America brand and experience! I’ve met so many wonderful crew members and passengers on Virgin America.

Thank you Sir Richard Branson for changing the US airline industry 🙂

Always remember 8/8/2007!

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    […] the farewell of Virgin America, my points converted to Alaska Airlines miles. I now value Alaska Airlines miles as some of the […]

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