Merger Update: Alaska Airlines + Virgin America

The merger closed last Wednesday, December 14th and they celebrated with a flight from Seattle (Alaska HQ) to San Francisco (Virgin HQ) onboard the “More to Love” co-branded plane.

Press Release

More to Love / Credit: Virgin America

More to Love / Credit: Virgin America


Pamphlet Onboard Virgin America

Details on the merger can be found here:

Point Conversion
1 Virgin America Point -> 1.3 Alaska Airlines Mile

Status Match
Virgin America Silver -> Alaska Airlines MVP
Virgin America Gold -> Alaska Airlines MVP Gold
Alaska Airlines MVP -> Virgin America Silver
Alaska Airlines MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K -> Virgin America Gold

I’m already showing MVP status on my Alaska Airlines account even though Virgin America sent me an email stating the benefits would start January 9th, 2017. A reader holding Alaska MVP Gold 75K reported they aren’t showing Virgin America Gold status in their Virgin American account yet. I expect those statuses to be completed on January 9th, 2017 as scheduled.

Alaska Mileage Plan Changes
Alaska announced changes to their award program and introduced 5,000 mile awards for flights/routes less than 700mi. Details can be found here:

Signage @ SFO

Signage @ SFO

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  1. March 18, 2018

    […] merger between Virgin America and Alaska Airlines closed ~15 months ago and now the full takeover by Alaska Airlines will be completed on April 24th, 2018. All airport […]

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