Cathay Pacific Lounges @ HKG (The Pier, The Cabin & The Wing)

During my recent trip on Cathay Pacific First Class, I was able to enjoy my layover in Hong Kong by utilizing their lounges. After deplaning from CGK I went for the trifecta of lounges. I started at The Pier then to The Cabin and finally to The Wing. My gate for my SFO bound flight was near The Wing so it made sense to go in that order.


The Pier:

The Pier lounge was recently renovated and reopened about 8 months ago. Based on the reviews online and on LoungeBuddy, I knew I was in for a treat in what’s regarded as one of the Top 10 First Class lounges in the World. Access is for Cathay Pacific First Class guests and OneWorld Emerald status only. Upon entering, I was greeted and directed to the showers per my request. There was a 15 minute wait but I was given a pager so I could grab a snack in the meantime. The interior design of this lounge was amazing, pictures alone don’t justify it! The shower room is one of the most luxurious I’ve used in an airport with Aesop amenities and gold plated fixtures. After the shower I requested  to be put on the waitlist for a massage and then headed to the Dining Room for a sit down dinner. I tried the Seared Tuna and Lo Mein which were both excellent dishes. As I was finishing dinner the pager for my massage went off so I quickly wrapped up dinner and headed off for my foot massage. My foot massage was short but just what I needed after a long day. After the massage I went to the bar to grab a drink and relax for a bit prior to heading to The Cabin lounge. I will definitely try to come back as often as I can to The Pier.


The Cabin:

The Cabin lounge was located about halfway between my gate for my flight to SFO and The Pier so it was a nice stopping point as HKG is a huge airport. It was also located on a level below the gates just as the The Pier is setup. Upon entering, I noticed this lounge was very busy as it’s open to Business Class guests as well. I walked around the lounge and saw another Emirates A380 parked in front of the lounge windows. They are everywhere… The fresh juice bar is the unique offering here so I grabbed a fresh watermelon juice and enjoyed it in a cool chair located near the iMac’s. After drinking the delicious juice, I decided to proceed to The Wing so I could try to enjoy a cabana prior to my flight. Overall, this is a nice business class lounge but too crowded.


The Wing:

The Wing lounge was located only a few gates away from my SFO bound flight which made it convenient to utilize right up until boarding. Once I entered I tried to find my way to The Cabanas to see if one was available. I found them tucked away down a hallway and the receptionist said she had 1 left that was available right away. Perfect! They limit the usage to 90 minutes which makes it difficult to get one typically based on the receptionists comments. I was escorted to The Cabana room and immediately shocked at how large the room was just for me. The room included a shower, tub, sofa and sink area. It was extremely clean and well kept. Even though this would be my second shower during my layover I had to try it out. I finished up right before it was time for boarding which was perfect. I proceeded to the gate very satisfied with the Cathay Pacific lounges during my 4 hour layover @ HKG.

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  1. June 13, 2017

    […] disemarked in HKG and headed straight to The Pier lounge which was luckily located just 1 gate away. It’s one of the best lounges in the world which […]

  2. August 21, 2017

    […] on the B777-300ER. The seats are similar yet the layout is different. After grabbing dinner in The Pier and a shower in a cabana in The Wing, I proceeded to the gate for my delayed flight to SFO from […]

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