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It’s been a busy year for travel and there is always a hiccup here and there. Air travel is not perfect. TripIt Pro ($49/yr) offers monitoring of all your flights and it’s saved me twice where the app notifies me about a cancellation faster than the airline can send an...


Inflight WiFi

Technology has evolved so rapidly in the past 15 years and today we are able to stay connected at 35,000 feet on commercial airlines. One of my latest flights blew me away. While enroute from Los Angeles to Taipei on EVA Air over the Pacific I was able to connect to...


Malaysian Flight 17

My thoughts and prayers for the passengers, crew and family members of Malaysian Flight 17 (MH17) that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine today. This is a horrific event and those who committed the act will be held fully responsible. -Palo


Getting to SJC

SJC is my secondary home airport and parking at the airport ranges from $15-30 per day depending on the area you choose to park ( Over the past few years I’ve taken CalTrain, ridden SuperShuttle, utilized Uber car service and parked near SCU to reduce my cost. CalTrain: $5 each way from...

The Ultimate Driving Machine! 0

Hertz Dream Cars: BMW M5

In June, I rented the BMW M5 from Hertz SFO for 24 hours.  It was my first time driving a “M” BMW. It was simply amazing. The exhaust sounded deep and the advanced sport settings made it a blast to drive. Alpine White is one of my favorite BMW colors....


Favorite Credit Cards

I’m often asked which credit card is the best to use. Unfortunately, there are so many factors it is hard to give a quick recommendation. During the past couple of months I’ve been recommending my favorite credit cards to friends and family. 2 Best Personal: -Starwood (SPG) American Express -Chase Sapphire Preferred 2...


How to cleanup your iPhone camera storage

The last thing that you want to have happen while you are away from home is your iPhone run out of space. Many travelers now use their mobile phones to take pictures, videos and use apps to get around. If you purchased the smallest capacity iPhone then you might have...


How to stay connected around the World

I’m always asked how I stay connected while traveling the world. There are many ways to stay connected while traveling but I always try to figure out which method is the most cost effective and convenient. Some methods include: adding an international plan to your existing mobile phone plan, renting...

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Mapping your Flights

Have you ever wanted to visualize your trip when it involves multiple flights, connections and destinations? There is an awesome tool called Great Circle Mapper located here: which will map out your journey. It will even include the total miles flown. Below are 2 upcoming trips I’ve mapped out. Give it a...


Hertz Dream Cars: Audi R8

In January, I rented the Audi R8 from the SJC Airport location. This car is shared between SFO & SJC Hertz locations. I booked it in February 2013 and was able to get the reservation with unlimited miles for $405/day. The standard now is 75 miles plus $3 per mile after...