How to Prepare for an International Trip

Over the past 2 years, I’ve compiled a list of items I always take care of prior to departure and what to pack for an international trip. What am I missing? Comment below…

Prior to Departure:
-Set cell phone voicemail passcode/pin to retrieve messages remotely (Using Skype, call your # and during the voice greeting press * and your passcode/pin)
-Update voicemail greeting (optional)
-Put USPS Mail on Hold (
-Obtain $20-50 USD worth of local currency for each country
-Pay bills
-Book SuperShuttle, use public transit or Uber to the airport

-Global Entry Card
-Local Currency
-Global MiFi (Rented from
-Chargers & Battery Backup (
-Call Credit Card companies to notify of international travel (some companies no longer require this)
-World Phone ( & Prepaid SIM (
-(2) Power plug converters (
-Travel size power strip (
-iPad and/or Laptop
-Copy of Passport in Luggage
-Unplug all powered items in house/apartment
-Turn off water heater by the gas valve
-Store spare house key with friend
-Umbrella (check weather)
-Toothbrush charger
-Shaver charger
-Bug repellent (if needed, ex. Thailand)
-Hand sanitizer
-Malaria medicine (if needed, ex. Bali)
-Azithromycin (if needed)
-Water bottle
-Microfiber towel
-Underwater camera (if traveling to the beach)
-Sling/Camelbak style backpack

Power Adapters, Power Strip & Converter

Power Adapters, Power Strip & Converter









Example of Clothing for 10 Days in Asia:
-1 Bathing suit
-12 Pairs of underwear
-4 Gym shorts
-4 Cargo/travel shorts
-10 Pairs of socks
-2 Polo’s
-1 Button down short sleeve
-10 T-shirts (Dry-Fit if possible)
-1 Belt
-1 Jeans
-1 Pair of sandals

Packing for Asia

Packing for Asia









Example of Clothing while Flying:
-Cargo shorts or Jeans
-Light jacket

Clothing for Long/Multiple Leg Flights (packed in carryon):
-1 Gym shorts
-2 T-shirts
-2 Underwear

Your bag might not make it on time...

Your bag might not make it on time…

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