iWiFiTravel MiFi (Hotspot) Rental for International Trips

XCom Global closed their doors earlier this year unexpectedly, but we are now in luck. Some former employees decided to bring it back to life under a new company, iWiFiTravel. I’ve reviewed and used XCom Global on many trips which has proven to be very valuable. Still today, using a MiFi (Hotspot) is the best value to get data service on multiple devices.

iWiFiTravel is offering rentals for $9.95 per day with unlimited usage. No data caps and at 4G (LTE) speeds! They will ship you the MiFi just before your trip and then upon your return you drop it off at FedEx. Very easy and seamless. When you arrive in the country you are visiting there are no hassles with buying a SIM card.

Advance travelers can purchase an unlocked MiFi and then purchase local SIM’s upon arrival into the country they are visiting, but you can run into issues and it’s not very convenient. It is always much cheaper if you plan to spend more than 2 days in that country. On a recent trip to Indonesia, I was able to purchase a SIM card with 45GB of data for USD 35 and it was valid for 30 days. They only accepted cash for the SIM card purchase so I had to find an ATM first.

MiFi (Hotspot)

MiFi (Hotspot)

Do you use a MiFi when you travel internationally? Comment below. If not, give iWiFiTravel a try!

St Regis Bali

St Regis Bali

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  1. Lisa Lacroix says:

    Do NOT rent a device from iwifitravel! My device would not charge. Nine calls later to the company and I only get their answering service. They do not return calls or emails or refund you for non-working devices.

  1. June 20, 2021

    […] 8. iWiFiTravel MiFi (Hotspot) Rental for International Trips – Palo … […]

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