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iWiFiTravel MiFi (Hotspot) Rental for International Trips

XCom Global closed their doors earlier this year unexpectedly, but we are now in luck. Some former employees decided to bring it back to life under a new company, iWiFiTravel. I’ve reviewed and used XCom Global on many trips which has proven to be very valuable. Still today, using a...

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XCom Global MiFi (Hotspot) Rental now offers LTE!

I’ve used XCom Global for over 5 years now for all my international MiFi (hotspot) rentals. They now offer LTE (High Speed Data) in over 40 countries which is a huge improvement over the previous 3G speeds. Their pricing has dropped from $14.95/day when I reviewed it in 2014 to...

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International MiFi Rental Deal (Groupon)

XCom Global just announced a 3 day sale for 3 or 7 day rentals through Groupon: http://www.groupon.com/deals/xcom-global-4 Only $19.99 for 3 day or $49.99 for 7 day rental (plus $29.99 for shipping). Additional days are $14.95 per day. I highly recommend it in a previous post and wanted to make sure...