New Favorite Travel Apps & PBS Series: City in the Sky

Flightradar24 (iOS or Android)

If you are a plane spotter or just want to know what plane is flying over you in your current location, just open up Flightradar24 on your phone. You can get all the stats (altitude, location, registration, speed, etc.) of the plane and even filter it to a certain airline or aircraft. Want to see all the A350’s flying around? Just filter your view. It’s my new favorite app!

Google Translate – Instant Translation (iOS or Android)

During my recent travels to Japan, I used the instant camera translation feature all the time as my travel companions wanted to know the ingredients of many of the foods. You can translate text in images (live) instantly by just pointing your camera. It worked fairly well and was helpful to get the general understanding of what it was in English. Sometimes it just failed to properly translate from Japanese to English but we just moved on to another item.

PBS Series: City in the Sky
I was referred to this PBS Series from my Dad who watched the first episode and knew right away I’d love it. It provides amazing insights into the behind the scenes of what happens while you are flying. One of the most amazing statistics, 1 million people are in the sky at any given moment. I was able to stream it for free using the PBS App on AppleTV so check it out. It’s worth watching!

City in The Sky (Credit: PBS)

City in The Sky (Credit: PBS)

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  1. December 28, 2018

    […] airport terminal and a great way to spend an hour prior to my flight. Tracking the inbound plane on FlightRadar24 was tricky as the only reliable way to track California Pacific Airlines planes is by the tail #. I […]

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