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Debit Card “Eaten” by ATM Machine

Wow! You definitely learn something new with every trip. On my recent trip to Chile, I was withdrawing cash from an ATM in Santiago and I forgot to grab my card after I grabbed the cash. We were waiting for an Uber and then it dawned on me that I...

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Pro Tip: No ATM Fees Globally!

In 2017, I saved $59.85 in ATM fees globally by utilizing my Charles Schwab ATM card. I blogged about this card back in 2014 and 4 years later it is still the best card to have in your wallet to get cash out of an ATM globally and even domestically. Why...

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Best Worldwide ATM Card (No ATM Fees!)

If you are traveling around the world or just can’t seem to find your Bank’s ATM conveniently located near you try the Charles Schwab Checking account. No ATM fees anywhere in the world and foreign transactions are billed at the exact FOREX rate at the time of the transaction when...