Alaska Airlines Space Bins & JetSmarter Trial

Alaska Airlines Space Bins

Recently, I was onboard a new Alaska Airlines 737-800 from PDX (Portland) to SAN (San Diego) and noticed the new Space Bins & Sky Interior. With the upcoming merger with Virgin America, it appears Alaska will complement them well with their new planes which feature Sky Interior. The Space Bins allow your carry-ons to be placed on it’s side allowing to fit 48% more bags. It’s amazing how just a simple engineering change makes flying better again. Ever since the airlines started charging for checked bags there has been a huge increase in the numbers of carry-on bags. This fixes the pain point of having to check bags at the gate due to limited overhead bin space. I was on a British Airways flight this month and they were forcing passengers to check the bag just to make sure the flight went out on time. I had a chat with the turnaround manager and eventually he let me on with my bag. Not even my OneWorld Sapphire status helped. Note, avoid flying British Airways in economy class.


JetSmarter Trial (Private Jets)

I found this promotion on TechCrunch which allows members of FoundersCard to get a 90 day free trial with JetSmarter. The annual fee for FoundersCard is $395 by using this link. You get access to all JetSmarter JetDeals which are empty leg flights (repositioning for paying clients). I flew JetSuite last year using their SuiteDeals which is the same concept. The only difference is rather than paying $536 for 1 flight (entire jet) it will only cost you $395 for unlimited flights (1 person only) for 90 days. I would wait to activate the promotion until you can use it. They post the deals <24hrs prior to the flight so you’ll have to be ready to go at a moments notice.  A bunch of friends can get on the same jet but they will just each need to have a FoundersCard membership. Here are some sample flights from the Bay Area yesterday. Who’s in?

JetSmarter JetDeals

JetSmarter JetDeals

Fine Print:
FoundersCard Members receive a complimentary 3-month trial membership to JetSmarter. Trial includes a single complimentary seat on JetDeals™ and ability to purchase JetCharter™ and JetShuttle™ services for the trial duration.

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