1 Million Miles Traveled!

Wow! I’ve traveled 1 Million miles since 2013 which is enough to circle the world more than 40 times in less than 10 years. I did travel prior to 2013, but didn’t track it with TripIt. I crossed the 1 Million miles mark after arriving on JL66 into SAN from NRT in November 2022.



  • 47 Countries as of 2022 (only 39 tracked via TripIt)
  • 1st European Country: France
  • 1st Asian Country: Indonesia
  • 1st Middle East Country: United Arab Emirates
  • 1st South American Country: Brazil
  • 1st African Country: South Africa
  • 1st International First Class Flight: EY103 Suite Class
  • 1st Private Jet Flight: JetSuite Phenom 100



Until the next million… So many new places to visit! Any recommendations? Comment below.




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