Pro Tip: What to do with extra Foreign Cash?

Upon landing into a country, I typically take out local cash from an ATM using my Charles Schwab card and don’t always spend it all. What are my options to get rid of it?


  1. You could spend the cash at the airport prior to departing the country (Excellent option for small amounts)
  2. Put the cash towards your hotel bill at checkout and pay the remainder with your credit card (Excellent option for larger amounts)
  3. Exchange it at a currency exchange location (Worst option as they take a minimum of 10% due to poor exchange rates and sometimes they won’t take certain currencies)
  4. Save it for your next trip to that country 🙂

Option #2 has always worked except for one time in Bali where I needed cash to pay an entrance fee for an attraction which we stopped at on our way to the airport after checking out. Always carry local cash in Indonesia!

Coins can’t be exchanged, but are excellent souvenirs!

What do you do with your extra foreign cash?

Foreign Coins

Foreign Coins

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