Pro Tip: Renew Your Passport 1 Year Prior to Expiration!

When traveling internationally, you’ll need to have a valid passport in your possession. Unfortunately, some countries require your passport to be valid for many months after your arrival. Always check the Passport Validity requirement for entering the country prior to your travel.

Resource for US Passports:

US Gov Travel: Maldives

US Gov Travel: Maldives

Some countries I’ve visited which require your passport to be valid 6 months beyond date of arrival include: Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam & UAE. Note, always have blank pages in your passport too as some countries need an entire page for their visa’s.

Don’t miss your flight due to an invalid passport! Renew your passport 1 year prior to expiration to avoid any issues 🙂

Maldives Entry Requirements

Maldives Entry Requirements

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