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Sprint Global Roaming in Australia, Hong Kong & Indonesia

I’ve put Sprint’s Global Roaming plan to use over the past year. The most shocking result is that all data services have operated at 3G speeds rather than the advertised 2G speeds which is a huge advantage over T-Mobile. At this point in time, Sprint is the only carrier in...

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Update: Sprint adds more Countries to its Global Roaming Plan

Following up to the country list I mentioned in the previous post, Sprint recently added 12 more countries to it’s International Value plan. They include: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Palestinian Authority and Paraguay. Sprint has also add a cool map to their website showing...

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Sprint International Value Roaming Plan Reviewed

On the heels of Sprint offering Wi-Fi Calling on iPhones, they released an international roaming plan similar to T-Mobile on April 14th. The cost, $0. You’ll recieve unlimited data and text messaging plus voice calls will run only $0.20 per minute with the International Value Roaming plan. Sprint does state...