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Uber Banned? Use Local Apps

While visiting Budapest, I was challenged with finding a new app for transportation as Uber is banned. Local laws can block Uber from operating which forces you to use local companies to get around. In Budapest, I was successful in using Taxify and Fotaxi. They operated in the same way...

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It’s been a busy year for travel and there is always a hiccup here and there. Air travel is not perfect. TripIt Pro ($49/yr) offers monitoring of all your flights and it’s saved me twice where the app notifies me about a cancellation faster than the airline can send an...



I’ve been using LoungeBuddy since their launch in July 2013 and can’t imagine traveling without using it to determine which lounge I can access during my time at airports. Once you create a profile with all your airline statuses, credit card programs, etc. you are presented with a list of airport...