Getting to SJC

SJC is my secondary home airport and parking at the airport ranges from $15-30 per day depending on the area you choose to park ( Over the past few years I’ve taken CalTrain, ridden SuperShuttle, utilized Uber car service and parked near SCU to reduce my cost.

$5 each way from Palo Alto to Santa Clara then Bus 10 ($0 to the airport
Roundtrip based on a weekend trip: $10 plus cost to get to Caltrain
Pros- No driving, Work while on the train
Cons- Need to find parking or live near a Caltrain station, Trains can be limited and slow

$26 each way from Palo Alto to SJC (search Google for discount codes)
Roundtrip based on a weekend trip: $52
Pros- Door-to-door service, can prebook in advance, excellent option for long trips (7+ days)
Cons- Can make multiple stops to pickup other passengers, traffic has an impact

~$55 each way via UberX
Roundtrip based on a weekend trip: $110
Pros- Fastest method, comfortable, door-to-door service
Cons- Can’t prebook in advance, most expensive

Park near SCU:
$0 each way, take Bus 10 to SJC from Santa Clara Caltrain station
Roundtrip based on a weekend trip: $0
Pros- Comfortable, cheapest option
Cons- Could have your car towed if parked for extended periods of time, buses can be limited

The best option in my opinion is parking near SCU based on the value of my time and out of pocket cost. I’m willing to take the risk.

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