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Sydney 8

Pro Tool: ExpertFlyer Premium

It’s taken me a few years to finally buy into ExpertFlyer‘s Premium subscription but it paid off within the first couple of days. I signed up for their 5 day free trial of the Premium subscription to test out the SWU (Systemwide Upgrade) alerts for American Airlines. The email and...

AA Biz Boarding Pass 2

Upgrading to International Business Class on American & United for Cheap!

Ever wonder how all those travelers are in Business or First Class as you walk to the back of the plane to sit in your Economy seat? There is a trick that someone who doesn’t fly frequently can take advantage of to fly International Business Class after buying an Economy Class ticket. I’ll show...

Los Angeles Sunset 4

American Airlines Business Class: LAX-SYD B777-300ER

American Airlines has always had a poor reputation but they seem to be fixing it now at least with their hard product (new planes). They started a new route back on December 17, 2015 from Los Angeles to Sydney. It’s seen light loads since they launched as they are using their...